Since its establishment in 1964, Ohtama Co., Ltd. has been recognized in the industry as a maker specialized in magnetic shielding with Permalloy

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Data about the company

Company name OHTAMA CO., LTD.
President Tetsuya Okumura
Established February 14,1964
Capital 10 million yen
Address 1744 Oshitate, Inagi City, Tokyo 206-0311 Japan
TEL / FAX TEL 042-377-4311 / FAX 042-378-2219
Main banks Mizuho Bank Ltd., lnagi Chuo Branch
Mizuho Bank Ltd., Shin-Yurigaoka Branch
Resona Holdings, Inc., Shin-Yurigaoka Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Shin-Yurigaoka Branch
Jonan Shinkin Bank, Inagi Branch
Scope of business
•Production of magnetic shield components
Magnetic materials (various ermalloy products and others)
Precision sheet processing, precision press, heat treatment
•Magnetic field measurement and related measures
•shielding of magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves (including shield rooms and magnetic field canceller)
Main customers NEC Corporation
Toshiba Corporation
Hitachi, Ltd.
Canon Inc.
Sony Corporation
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
EBARA Corporation
Advantest Corporation
Tokyo Electron Ltd.
And general contractors, universities,
research institutes, etc.
Facilities Land 2702m2
Office building 1,777m2
ISO9001: 2000
•Scope of application
Design, production and sale of magnetic shield products, and electromagnetic wave measurement
•Certification Audit Report Number
•Applicable Standard
ISO 9001:2000
•Effective Term of Certification
November 7, 2009
Certification Registration Number
TUV 100 06 0664
ISO9001: 2000
Approval of
•Classification of General Construction Business or Specified Construction Business
General Construction Business
•Approved Construction Business
Sheet Metal Processing
•Approval Number
Tokyo Metropolis Governor’s Approval (General-17) No. 125320
•Date of Approval
February 15, 2006


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