Since its establishment in 1964, Ohtama Co., Ltd. has been recognized in the industry as a maker specialized in magnetic shielding with Permalloy

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President's message

The history of Permalloy shield cases is full of changes. It was about forty and some years ago when sheet Permalloy (iron-nickel soft magnetic material: JIS C 2531) was produced for the first time in Japan. At that time, it was used for magnetic shield cases for CRTs of oscilloscopes and radars. Subsequently, it has come to be widely used for telecommunication equipment, broadcasting equipment, computers and nuclear power generation. Today, it is used also for the manufacture of shield rooms for electron beam exposure devices. electron microscopes, or magnetic resonance image diagnosis systems (MRI).
What is important to ensure -excellent magnetic shield characteristics are the heat treatment technique (hydrogen annealing) and the combination of heat treatment and sheet processing (including sheet machining) that exert great influence upon magnetic characteristics. The magnetic shield characteristics of our products are fully controlled by virtue of the heat treatment with our own-make hydrogen-annealing furnace.
To satisfy customer needs, we will utilize the "Quality Management System, ISO 001: 2000" and endeavor at all times to make improvements in it, and will strive to develop our business further while contributing to the development of society. We hope that we will be favored with your continued support in the future as well.
Our affiliated company TUV Ohtama Ltd. is a joint corporation with " TUV Japan," a Japanese corporation of the third party testing and certification body "TUV SUD Group" (TUV Suddeutschland Holding AG) of Germany. This TUV Ohtama is a top-rank company in the field of the FCC, VCCI and CE markings concerned with electromagnetic wave regulations. The company also is working its way to the realization of higher customer satisfaction.

Tsutomu Igarashi

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