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Since its establishment in 1964, Ohtama Co., Ltd. has been recognized in the industry as a maker specialized in magnetic shielding with Permalloy

OHTAMA CO.,LTD. Magnetic shielding and magnetic field measurement
Ohtama Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of magnetic shield products with Permalloy. The company has been engaged in the design and production of magnetic shield parts and magnetic shield rooms on a continuous basis.
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Ohtama produces magnetic shield products with Permalloy and provides magnetic field environment measurement service. Click here for information about Ohtama and its employment Click here when inquiring or getting advice about Ohtama products
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ISO9001: 2000 Ohtama has obtained the תSO9001: 2000 ¡¦ certification  Click here for information about ISO9001: 2000.
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