Since its establishment in 1964, Ohtama Co., Ltd. has been recognized in the industry as a maker specialized in magnetic shielding with Permalloy

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Magnetic shield room/chamber

There are a number of technologies that utilize or generate magnetic fields in various areas such as medicine, industry, research and so forth. On the other hand, precision equipment easy to be affected by magnetic fields is widely used. As such equipment is improved in precision, it becomes more susceptible to the noise of magnetic field,
In accordance with customer requirements, Ohtama designs and builds a shield room for equipment that generates magnetic fields and for equipment susceptible to the noise of magnetic fields.

Facilities affected by magnetic field

  • Semiconductor plant
  • Research center
  • Office building
  • Hospital
  • Computer room

Devices affected by magnetic field

  • Electron beam image creation room
  • Electron microscope
  • CRT display
  • MRI

Main generation source

  • Elevator
  • Power cable
  • Power room
  • Electric train
  • MRI
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Introduction od shield room

PhotoPanel structure type room

Permalloy panels are mounted onto base panels, and assemble the shield room as a prefab house structure.

PhotoOn-site assembling type room

Magnetic shield material and components are assembled into a magnetic shield room, which is to be supported by the walls and ceiling of a room.

PhotoMagnetic shield case

To protect a high-magnification electron microscope from external disturbing magnetic fields, this case is manufactured and installed as a shield case to cover the electron microscope completely.

PhotoHigh-precision air-conditioning unit

Installing an air-conditioning unit in a magnetic shield room makes it possible to precisely control the temperature, humidity and cleanliness of the room.

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